Saturday, October 23, 2010

Adobe acquisition of Macromedia will in turn form giant monopolies

Adobe will be 3.4 billion U.S. dollars of the price of the stock exchange to acquire Macromedia, content creation tools to form a Big Mac.

The two sides announced this week at the local time of this transaction is expected that this transaction will be completed in the fourth quarter of this year, it also requires shareholder approval of both parties. Bruce will continue as CEO of Adobe, Shantanu Narayen remains as president and chief operating officer. Macromedia CEO Stephen will join Adobe, served as president for mobile services.

Bruce said in a statement, by combining our powerful development, authoring and collaboration tools, combined with the complementary PDF and Flash, Adobe will have the opportunity to provide industry-leading platform for content creation.

Bruce pointed out that the combined company may take measures to reduce costs, which means that two companies of some products may be abandoned. He pointed out that two motivation for the deal to develop new business and markets.

The two companies overlap in the products are in graphics, Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator ahead of Macromedia's Fireworks and Freehand; in Web design, Macromedia's DreamWeaver is ahead of Adobe's GoLive.
Initial reaction from users is negative. A creative officer, said it appears one can monopolize the market for Big Mac. The merger may have good software, but the market there will be competition? He said no to open source Flash, Macromedia's market power has been greatly weakened.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Advice: be careful to format the disk partition

Reinstall the system, IT people know! But can you ensure data security? Facts have proved that the loss of data often occurs in those friends who are more familiar with the system. So, when you want to reinstall the system, please carefully formatted partition.

Case Study

Many users will install your system to the NTFS partition format. These documents will also back up to the C drive partition other than, when Windows can not start, you can use CD-ROM, USB and other tools to guide the computer to DOS, and then from the second partition copy the user files.

Many friends in the reloading system would use partition magic to format the system partition such as a renewal or deletion. At this point, the DOS version of partition magic, the second partition will be identified as C drive. Because DOS does not recognize the NTFS format under the partition, partition magic will automatically be recognized as the first FAT32 partition C drive, so when you think to delete the C drive, but the fact is that the D drive deleted.

How to format correctly

Partition magic will automatically be listed in the list of disk partitions, with partition alignment to determine the system partition, this time, the top regional real system partition, this is the place to be formatted. In addition, can also use partition magic on some basis to judge, when there are more than one primary partition on the hard disk, the following this recipe for particularly useful.

1. PtiLog field observed values, Ptimarv said the primary partition, Logical that logical partition. Logical partition is included in the extended partition (Extended), there is only primary partition can act as a boot partition, is that it should be formatted.

2. Observe the Status field value, and only marked as Active (active) partition to act as boot partition.

3. Observation "SizeMB" under the partition size.

Remedial measures to be formatted

First to look at the data partition to be formatted to save steps, first of all stop all operation of the partition of the data, then re-install the system, then EasyRecovery data recovery tools such as the partition of the data for data recovery.

System master pitfalls

Typically, the system master are in addition to the user save the file to non-system partition, but also the transfer of daily data, including My Documents, IE temporary files under, Favorites, Outlook Express, under the address book, e-mail storage location, and some will be the system page file from the system partition transfer to non-system partition, to reduce the page file to read and write frequently brought a large number of fragments produced the system partition. However, setting the page file is part of, but can easily cause data recovery is incomplete. Page file is transferred to the store just the user data partition (that is mistaken for formatted partitions).

Recovery system, the page file will be automatically generated, and the data will be stored in "D:" partition, that is, the page file data recovery caused by the incomplete. Want to recover data more completely the premise is not to restore the partition to re-write any file, that is, the best conditions for recovery after the destruction of an exact data. Re-write the file, the data has been damaged cover, the possibility of recovery is very small.

The author's proposal

To avoid this "high" error, the author of the proposal is planning to build a small disk partition dedicated to storing the page file, the size of the partition physical memory computer about 2 to 3 times, the page file on this small area on in it and it will not affect the system generated debris.

If your hard disk space is not so abundant, it is best not to shift the page file, to avoid the occurrence of the situation can not recover data.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

"Cottage XP" national dream

Recently, the rain forest wind through Ylmf OS on board the domestic Web sites, news headlines, often occupy the center of the Internet media. Following the end of last year Ylmf OS, the rain forest air again in January 14 this year, launched the English version of the system and its independent domain XP.COM provided a download link, its services and expand overseas overseas users of the Internet market spare bedding.

Raising a year ago, Microsoft anti-piracy stick, tomato garden succumbed in droves. To avoid unnecessary disputes, also accused of piracy, "rain forest wind Studio" dissolved, and enter a stage of independent research and development. Under its influence, the domestic other Windows system optimization team have also dissolved.

Christmas Eve 2009, a year after leaving the rain forest the wind carry Ylmf OS operating system to return to the field. Giving users a free operating system at the same time, Ylmf OS also makes the industry an uproar: In addition to using the Linux kernel outside interface with the XP operating system used exactly the same infringement endless questions.

In fact, the current legal environment in China, whether in source or software interface, Ylmf OS are safe within the base line. For the rain forest the wind, the real test is "cottage XP" can carry their national dreams.

"Cottage version of XP"

Has a reputation for carrying pirated, but the rain forest the wind never thought a person in charge Lailin Feng and his related. "We're in the rain forest air exchange forum to share with friends XP system optimization results." While the studio back in the rain forest before the dissolution of the wind, Lai Linfeng was determined to own R & D restructuring.

By the end of 2008, the rain forest the wind started the Linux-based independent research and development project, launched last year Ylmf OS. This is an open source operating system that is open source code operating system, anyone is free to use, re-build (Windows XP non-open source system).

"Yes, you see the XP, but Ta is not XP." This is Ylmf OS promotional ad for the interface from the screenshots of view, Ylmf OS and XP is almost no difference. An experienced Ylmf OS in the industry, said: "seen imitation XP, Linux, may have never seen such a ruthless imitation, and even XP, let off every detail."

Since it is a free operating system, computer users whom applauded the few, but the voices of doubt are also prevalent.

"Technology is only the original package, put on the cloak of XP", this is the most acute criticism Ylmf OS. Lai Linfeng have smiled and said, "We play more of a skill, not technology, and even a sense, Ylmf OS is everyone's." Ylmf OS project started, there have been many Linux enthusiasts to Ylmf OS provided advice on research and development, or even direct technical support.

The high imitation XP system interface, Ylmf OS are friends jokingly called "cottage version of XP". In this regard, Lai Linfeng that friends say is their freedom of speech. But if the "cottage XP" this view so that everyone can have one more way to access and understand Linux, they do a good thing.

Lai Linfeng frankly, "Windows XP operating system is one of welcome by the user, Ylmf OS does draw some of its style, mainly taking into account the habits of most users, allows users to quickly start with Linux.

"I do not have too much of the cost considerations, can only say that we all costs, to pay a lot of hard work." Domain name alone XP.COM, Lai Linfeng spent thousands of dollars. Although XP.COM point Ylmf OS users refer to as the cottage home was another act, but as a promotional tool, this approach obviously worked.

Up to now, Ylmf OS downloads has reached more than 30 million.

Infringement is a pseudo-proposition

Rain forest wind hoping to Ylmf OS out of the quagmire of piracy and clean and simply into the desktop operating system. But the Windows XP interface to its high imitation behavior elicited an infringement or challenge the Voice.

Ylmf OS release within ten days, which caused Microsoft's attention. In a media interview, Microsoft said that "we have not assessed this system code, but You Yu-based Linux, Dangqian difficult to apply the anti-piracy laws. Therefore, we must Yiju Intellectual Property France's overall spirit to protect themselves."

Wealth of Nations famous Internet experts said Microsoft's argument is a false proposition. As how to determine infringement, long on the details of the legal provisions, there is no need to discuss from the spirit of the law. If the infringement of the legal question of whether there are further changes, we will then discuss their research.

"If Ylmf OS is actually covered with XP linux outside the cloak. So, we need only consider whether or not that dress infringement, and if an infringement, the infringement of degree." In the national wealth to the "corporate "told reporters.

Lailin Feng believes that the issue of infringement on Ylmf OS is a misleading, "If the appearance and operation of similar habits is the infringement, if a little exaggeration, and for example display style is simplicity, and many brands of screen are A simple screen 4 side, not the LOGO you really can not tell what brand, as well as all the screen so few operations on the keys, you can say who they are invading whose rights? "

According to the "Computer Software Protection Regulations" requirement, as a result of the limitations of expression is similar to not be plagiarism. This is exactly mimic the interface difficult to judge whether the reasons for infringement.

In rich countries that Microsoft itself is not taking into account the earliest founders of the graphical interface, a simple graphical interface on the concept of point of view, can not directly determine the rain forest wind infringement. But he also pointed out that if the number of boot screen, desktop wallpaper, introduced as an independent text and other works protected by copyright law, then, of these works unauthorized commercial use, is most likely constitute copyright infringement.

Ylmf OS extension interface uses Microsoft's enough real ones to fake boot screen, but Lailin Feng said that it was advertising gimmick, they actually use the boot screen, desktop wallpaper, etc. all have a legitimate source, and because Ylmf OS is free, Ylmf OS not infringe the copyright of the independent work of art.

It is reported that Microsoft recently received an official in the well-known technology website Ars Technica interview, said: "We can not predict the future, but currently we can not on their (the rain forest the wind) to prosecute." Tone somewhat helpless.

The real test

During the interview, Lai Linfeng repeatedly stressed that the rain forest wind Ylmf OS is launched with a strong national complex. "Imagine, if the current here can have a very good free operating system, the state could save much money? Able to circumvent the number of information security? Therefore, the rain forest the wind did not intend to return by what Ylmf OS, just hope that we can try to accept something different, so that the open source operating systems in the country to promote the open. "

Tomato Garden fallen shocking, plus swallowed their anger dissolve the "Rain Forest Wind Studio," Biequ, Lai Linfeng National Complex is easy to understand. However, being monopoly desktop operating system market, Microsoft, Ylmf OS If you can not blaze a way to survive, this dream is a shattered nation.

Early in the rain forest the wind before launching Ylmf OS, domestic winning software, system software vendors such as Red Flag Linux Desktop has released operating system, although government procurement and the new PC, to be pre-installed genuine operating system policy support, but unfortunately has price advantage of Linux desktop operating system market share is still less than 1% in real terms, while Microsoft's market share in this area as much as 90%.

Linux, the audience has long been a high-end user group is an important factor contributing to this situation. As the high-end positioning, the demands of ordinary users often can not be well satisfied, on the basis of the Linux operating system developed with Microsoft Windows XP and other mainstream systems vary widely, many users purchase pre-installed Linux, the Internet copies are will re-install the high price of the genuine system, or Microsoft system illegal.

Lai Linfeng clearly seen on the crux of the problem, so when he independently developed the operating system market posture Shahui, it wanted to become a "sought to close the attitude of most civilian users, to meet the needs of ordinary users" of the desktop operating system. The result is that we see is called "cottage XP" the Ylmf OS.

For many senior developers the Linux system did not solve the compatibility problems, has always been good at Windows XP's rain forest wind energy to solve this? Many industry expressed doubt that the Ylmf OS despite the high interface imitation XP, but the essence is not a long time to break through the 1% of the desktop market, Linux. Ylmf OS's popularity, not through a simple interface can be implemented imitation.

Lai Linfeng frankly, Ylmf OS hardware and software compatibility, software, and so do the richness and some need improvement, then the rain forest the wind continued to release a new version will continuously improve the user experience, simplify the complexity Linux operation let the primary users can quickly get started. Meanwhile, Lai Linfeng hope software and hardware providers can provide more support for Linux systems, rich software and games under Linux.

However, the prospects for Ylmf OS, Lai Linfeng still confident. "In domestic terms, Ylmf OS is extremely popular, with more than 300 million Chinese Internet users, as long as 1 percent of customer support we are a huge number."

Heavy promotion of Ylmf OS as the first step, the rain forest wind is actively planning to enter the netbook market model both cooperation, but also launched its own brand. At present, Lai Linfeng working with Dongguan, Shenzhen and other places to discuss a number of foundries. Barring the unexpected, loading Ylmf OS of the Internet this product will soon show up in the market.

Can people get rid of Linux desktop operating system had to be unloaded embarrassing fate? This is the true test Ylmf OS.

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Sogou input method of the parent: the original idea to be Robin Li Baidu ignored

April 12 at 15:35, pick up the handset of Mazhan Kai still quite cramped, does not seem to know how to deal with press interviews, found the dog in the company for copying input method Google News vortex the thesaurus as a search dog Pinyin ideas are inevitably the first words out of caution.

Two years ago in June, 23-year-old Ma Zhankai made an important decision in life, to give up a state-owned enterprises in Taiyuan work. At that time did not understand technology, but he usually love the Internet, love search hodgepodge of content, he found that many words difficult to beat out the current input methods, such as "Jay", such as "Titanic", thus, the more he finds that Internet users search the news daily high-frequency words should be expanded to input the direction right, so have a search for creative input.

Mazhan Kai sent a first letter to Baidu is the year of August 5. At that time the horse had come alone to Beijing, in the letter, he explained his ideas for the search input. Day hot Baidu listed on the Nasdaq. In Mazhan Kai's memory, the summer of that year, the Internet industry have taken place in three events: Baidu listed, Kai-fu Lee went to Google, Yahoo and Alibaba China combined. Events frequent the Internet for Ma Zhankai see their own opportunities. In order to allow the smooth letters to the responsible hands of Baidu, Ma Zhankai deliberately sent him to Baidu in Internet search a department of the mailbox, the first letter received no response, second letter a few little words, "Thank you for using Baidu." Sent to the fourth message, the reply is still "Thank you for using Baidu products, thank you for your advice."

"I think the input was communicated to Robin Li creative little hope, I decided the best input method is a search engine, it would certainly make them, and then I decided to put the creative input to the second search engine company. Because I use the portal mail, more familiar, and the second chance I chose Sohu. "Soon, head of Sohu to the company about his interview. For this interview, he feverishly to prepare for 3 days, wrote a "search-engine 100 to improve the creativity," and proposed its own cost of living in Beijing as long as enough wages. Two days after the interview, he was officially hired Sohu.

Ma Zhankai position now Sogou Pinyin input method is a product manager on behalf of the actual work is still the product at any time the user input from the user point of view of the text's habit, he certainly did not think two years later, their little creative input actually attracted Ye Jie of a major storm.

In fact search engine giant Google is also on the type of the desktop search products coveted for a long time, despite the short-term profit Desktop Search also can not see, but the search giant are still spare no efforts to compete in this market.

Now search every inch of the competition has even been regarded as wealthy games, increasing the threshold of the game, market conditions, the search market is divided into two camps, while the second camp with Baidu, Google's first camp, a huge gap between the more critical question is the second camp, using a variety of methods to promote their effects are not obvious, such as Alibaba Group invested heavily last year at 30 million yuan, inviting Chen Kaige, Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Jizhong three directors to create Yahoo search advertising. The reason is that the Internet is the experience rather than focus on awareness, combined with search input directly to the user's experience, the promotion of search may also help promote the search in the success of previous cases and experience is still relevant Baidu know. So, as Sohu, Google is a big company but for such a "small" problem and put so much effort in trying to play is not surprising.

The more the temptation to search engine companies have is that when the desktop search developed sufficient maturity, can replace the existing portal, and become the gateway to the desktop user. Thus, not only set a search brand stimulate growth, is also expected to subvert Microsoft's dominance on the desktop, to accomplish something their "cause."

Ma Zhankai recalled to reporters in search input events of the past, he's the boss, a casual Charles Zhang, chairman of Sohu is received 67 overseas investors, and afterwards, Charles Zhang told reporters: "Investors have asked input the patent issues, I answered that indeed Google Sohu's intellectual property rights infringement, this is patent, copyright disputes. Google Pinyin input method on our nearly two years of oral communication, Sogou Pinyin brand has a great influence. "For that he "defend to the death" of the product's "money scene", Zhang look of optimism: "input method combining with the Internet is rapidly growing of the unique technology Sohu, each with a computer has to use ah, Internet, blog, chat , this is the source of the client, representing a new direction for Internet applications, to commercial interests is a matter of time. "

June 5, 2006, Sogou input method launch the first version, it is understood in its pre-launch and found the dog for their creative and technical reporting a number of patents. July 2006, Sohu's vice president of technology for Mazhan Kai Xiao-Chuan Wang also awarded the Special Department of the highest technical awards "rhino Award", previously only found the dog's proposed lyrics synchronized colleagues won the prize, prize money did not say, about 3 Ma Zhankai months of wages, work the horse up and down a year later unanimously approved by the company.

"Both of the dispute is the amount that the user great desktop tool, now in addition to expanding their brands also do not see any real benefits, but the search revenue model has been relatively mature, We need a new creative applications." Industry to a the case analysis.

"Google's Pinyin input method is actually tied up Gmail to use, its greatest feature is bound to your email address, as long as you use the mail, you can use any computer on your commonly used words, without a separate download input method, it will automatically remember your writing habits. "Google PR China products Choi Jin told reporters that the company had stopped the infringement of the thesaurus application, and Google's Pinyin input method will still continue to promote.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lightweight portable dual-core books - Amoi T515 Experience

For most laptop users, easy to carry anywhere that they choose the biggest reasons for such products. And with the continuous development of mobile technology, notebook computer performance are continuously upgrading the performance of some high-end models can even have comparable desktop. In early 2006, Intel released a new NAPA platform, will be "dual core" concept into the mobile market, but also make laptops lighter, thinner and faster development of the road took a big step forward.

NAPA platform on the market today is very popular notebook computers, but most are 14 inches or more products in portability does not make all user satisfaction. This is because the dual-core processor has brought more heat, long-term performance of the work likely to cause instability, so the vendors in technology have higher demands. However, Amoi has recently launched a 12-inch laptop NAPA T515, which also means that the problem was finally successfully overcome manufacturers.

Appearance, the Amoi T515 uses aluminum alloy base material and the U.S. curve shaft design, compact body style 12-inch, glossy widescreen LCD also provides a good visual effect. A built-in optical drive because it omitted, so body weight is only 1.6Kg, very convenient to carry.

From the configuration point of view, Amoi T515 uses Intel 945GM motherboard and 65nm manufacturing process, Yonah core, Dual Core T2300 dual-core processor, and with a 512MB of DDR2-533 memory and 60GB of SATA high speed hard drive, for users, This configuration is sufficient to provide a highly efficient mobile computing platform.

The extended function, Amoi T515 offers both sides of the fuselage power connector, USB2.0, IEEE1394, network interface, audio interface, S-VIDEO, VGA interface, card reader and PCMCIA slot, sufficient to meet the common everyday applications and digital devices to expand and the data exchange.

In performance tests, the author used SiSoftware Sandra 2007 and PCMark05 other software Amoi T515 tested. However, as this product does not own drive, and this number to install the operating system and application software has created some inconvenience. Fortunately, from the test results, with a Core Duo T2300 has demonstrated a strong business application performance, the integrated graphics though not yet reached the requirements to run 3D games loudly, but smooth to play some small games or no problem. Another 12.1-inch glossy widescreen LCD display is also very good. The characteristics of its lightweight and portable, it is to the author left a deep impression.

In this competitive era they focus on quality, notebook computers also particularly focus on "In and Out." Addition to a strong performance, but also thin and light portable, mobile unlimited, this is the numerous business and mobile users on laptop PCs. Amoi T515 is the manufacturer of this market demand for the product launch. I believe with the "dual core", "light" and so on, it must be able to win many consumers.

Amoi T515 configuration

Motherboard: Mobile Intel 945GM

CPU: Core Duo T2300, 1.66GHz

Memory: 512MB DDR2-533

Video: Motherboard integrated GMA950

HDD: Fujitsu 60GB SATA 5400rpm

LCD: 12.1 inches, the best resolution of 1280x800

Wireless LAN: 802.11a/b/g

Power system: 4800mAH Lithium battery

Dimensions: 300x222x (26-34.4) mm

Body Weight: 1.6Kg

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Samsung China President Pu Genxi: a second Samsung in China

President of Samsung China Headquarters in early succession of Pugen Xi, September 2 with his management team in Berlin, Germany, the International Consumer Electronics Show (InternationaleFunkausstellung, called IFA). Pu Genxi received during the exhibition, "First Financial Daily" interview, for the first time revealed details of China's new strategy of Samsung.

Pugen Xi said that the current world's top five electronics manufacturers have already entered the Chinese market and China as the focus of future development. "In the future 5 years, who won the Chinese will be able to win the world. At least in the consumer electronics products, competition is so." Samsung is currently 90% of the products have been manufactured in China while Samsung Samsung China has become the global the second largest market, and is gradually becoming the core of the international market.

China Strategy: recycling Samsung

"I came to China, China's slogan changed to Samsung: a loved and respected by the Chinese people's business. It is I, as president of Samsung China, the most important task. We simply do not want to see China as a production base and sales market More importantly, we want to build into our Samsung China research and development base. "Pugen Xi said.

Known as "business strategy expert" Pu Genxi work in 1978 into the Samsung, the Samsung Group headquarters has served as head of business diagnosis, president of the rank of Samsung Card. After he took office, or spent half the time, finish the Samsung's 29 manufacturing enterprises in China and 89 sales and service organization.

Pu Genxi Samsung headquarters in the decision to accept the appointment of the former, who have studied the specific situation of Samsung in China, "China's overall development of good weeks." So he took office in China make up the determination, his mission is: to establish a second Samsung in China .

"Samsung in China has two main business, e-business accounted for 80% to 90%, finance will be another thread."

Another key strategy in China is the Chinese government's national strategy with the synchronization. Pugen Xi said that China's strategy of Samsung, one of the principles, is the public welfare to comply with the direction of development advocated by the Chinese government: including personnel training and rural issues, to help disadvantaged groups and so on.

"Rural problem is the Chinese government is very concerned about the issue, so Samsung Group, each company will continue to support a village. We are implementing the plan, the first stage, more than 50 companies to support more than 50 villages. I hope, is Samsung all enterprises in China, can help a rural partners to help them realize their material and intellectual leap. "

Is important to learn Chinese

It has been the biggest success of the past that Pugen Xi is in the financial sector, rather than business management. On the contrary, based on his assessment of Samsung, this is the strategy of Samsung, the most in need-based manager.

Samsung actively encourage China to engage in important management positions. "Samsung currently employs five million people in China (China, Korea Samsung Samsung employees in addition to most countries), in the 5 million people, only 600 Korean employees, 900 managers from China. Early access to China's institutions, Currently over 95% of key positions have been held by the local staff. I have a meeting with local staff, told them, I hope that they can challenge my position. China has a high quality local managers, to replace my position is absolutely I eat in the factory and the local cadres and tell them, if you want to challenge my position, please raise your hands, the result that many people raised their hands to the location of a long legal challenge. "

But now, Samsung in China is to solve the problems facing Korean staff and local staff communication problems, due to the culture, management, knowledge of the market so there are some differences, establish good communication channels are the objectives of Pu Genxi 1.

"I try to take the way of direct dialogue, to listen to more of 寤鸿 and comments. I have access to corporate enterprises in the process in a local Ren Yuan Jiao Liu, dinner. Sanxingyezai Jianli mechanism within enterprises, for example, we have just had You Ge Ge Jian Li composed of corporate staff recommended JuniorAboard (Primary Committee), the staff questions, questions, suggestions conveyed to me. China is changing rapidly, we must in a timely fashion. "

52-year-old Pu Genxi now learning Chinese, because he understands that language is always not fully translated, and he will learn the Chinese language as its own China strategy.

"In Korean, I am satisfied or not satisfied with the staff, can be expressed with a tone, but now, with Chinese and I can not fully express the need to translate the communication. In addition, do not understand Chinese, the Chinese can not be with me friends, drinking a very direct, which I regret! "

Renaissance to promote digital TV

Pugen Xi also said cheerfully: "We are ushering in the Renaissance era of digital television, Samsung has become a promoter of digital products, not just followers."

TV technology updates, is bringing a revolution in the field of digital consumer, Samsung to catch up with this change? Pugen Xi is the arrival of the digital entertainment era known as the "digital consumer of the Renaissance era." The main push Samsung portable media players, Samsung is the "Digital Age Renaissance" of the weapon.

Only the product, not enough. How to get more market consumer awareness Samsung? In order to promote the Samsung "digital age Renaissance", Pu Genxi revealed they are doing a very emotional another Chinese plan: local style, the future trend.

"In this exhibition, our large screen television display, and many are taken in China's Xinjiang. Samsung to spend tens of millions of Chinese film with Chinese characteristics of these large, all stores will be broadcast in China. Our climb involved a film crew shot more than 5000 km to the content of these wonderful. These images will bring us back to a full sense of the world. "

The 14th century, long-term suppression of the emotional power of mankind to promote the art was returned to freedom and humanity in ancient times, led the famous Renaissance. The experienced technical rational post-industrial era, emphasizing the reality of life and human spirit of fashion digital products, is leading us to go?

"Rational strategies and emotional management; rational technology and quality, emotional design and products; rational layout, emotional brand influence; rational market, the consumer sensibility," which may be Samsung's digital era of the Renaissance the best explanation.

Samsung dialogue

The most valuable talent

"First Financial Daily": China as the Samsung you to battle the world's second largest market, what do you think the challenge from Chinese manufacturers?

Pu Genxi: When the world's top five manufacturers of digital products in China, launched a layout, we clearly defined strategy: not with the direct competition with local Chinese enterprises.

In the field of digital products, China's market share in large, multinational companies can enter the market around 30% to 40%, and China's domestic manufacturers dominate the market about 60% to 70%. Samsung's position is focused on the Chinese manufacturers do not occupy the high-end market, we have no plans to share the market with the Chinese manufacturers. We will be cutting-edge technologies and products, to create a new market, this is my philosophy to do business in China.

"First Financial Daily": 1997 to 2000 is the most difficult period of Samsung, Samsung has decided to transition, but it coincided with the Asian financial crisis, almost bankrupt. That one difficulty is how spent? Crisis arise, you need to protect the core values?

Pu Genxi: to protect the core value lies in technology and talent. The future development of the digital more than our imagination. Samsung has a very strong competitive edge, but all the competitive advantages come from the core technology, while all the technology and new ideas are the right talent, Zhang Wo, so Samsung is the most valuable talents.

"First Financial Daily": Samsung's brand strategy to combine with the profits?

Pu Genxi: unique market will have a unique profit, the public will have a huge market share. These two areas have sufficient profits. But if you do not have the overall strength of the brand does not have influence, it is difficult to obtain adequate in both areas of the profits.

"First Financial Daily": what do you think of Samsung's rival Sony?

Pu Genxi: Who is the best technology, will be able to move forward. Sony is very popular with our respected companies in the global market, their brand very competitive, their sales were very strong, but we do have the power to completely win-win, TV and consumer digital products, we have complete product line, from this point of view, we have no rivals. How our opponents in local products exclusively as a leading brand, how in the Chinese market, as companies entering China's first brand of digital products in the field.

No matter how busy each trip, I will find time to go Shopping, take a look at Samsung's product display and sales environment. "Live" has become one of my concerns. The shopping centers in Berlin, Germany WEDEME 6th floor of the home appliance sales area, and many other places, I saw the Samsung and Sony's sales regions together. When I saw those German guests into Samsung's sales area, I was very happy.


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Thursday, July 8, 2010

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