Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Advice: be careful to format the disk partition

Reinstall the system, IT people know! But can you ensure data security? Facts have proved that the loss of data often occurs in those friends who are more familiar with the system. So, when you want to reinstall the system, please carefully formatted partition.

Case Study

Many users will install your system to the NTFS partition format. These documents will also back up to the C drive partition other than, when Windows can not start, you can use CD-ROM, USB and other tools to guide the computer to DOS, and then from the second partition copy the user files.

Many friends in the reloading system would use partition magic to format the system partition such as a renewal or deletion. At this point, the DOS version of partition magic, the second partition will be identified as C drive. Because DOS does not recognize the NTFS format under the partition, partition magic will automatically be recognized as the first FAT32 partition C drive, so when you think to delete the C drive, but the fact is that the D drive deleted.

How to format correctly

Partition magic will automatically be listed in the list of disk partitions, with partition alignment to determine the system partition, this time, the top regional real system partition, this is the place to be formatted. In addition, can also use partition magic on some basis to judge, when there are more than one primary partition on the hard disk, the following this recipe for particularly useful.

1. PtiLog field observed values, Ptimarv said the primary partition, Logical that logical partition. Logical partition is included in the extended partition (Extended), there is only primary partition can act as a boot partition, is that it should be formatted.

2. Observe the Status field value, and only marked as Active (active) partition to act as boot partition.

3. Observation "SizeMB" under the partition size.

Remedial measures to be formatted

First to look at the data partition to be formatted to save steps, first of all stop all operation of the partition of the data, then re-install the system, then EasyRecovery data recovery tools such as the partition of the data for data recovery.

System master pitfalls

Typically, the system master are in addition to the user save the file to non-system partition, but also the transfer of daily data, including My Documents, IE temporary files under, Favorites, Outlook Express, under the address book, e-mail storage location, and some will be the system page file from the system partition transfer to non-system partition, to reduce the page file to read and write frequently brought a large number of fragments produced the system partition. However, setting the page file is part of, but can easily cause data recovery is incomplete. Page file is transferred to the store just the user data partition (that is mistaken for formatted partitions).

Recovery system, the page file will be automatically generated, and the data will be stored in "D:" partition, that is, the page file data recovery caused by the incomplete. Want to recover data more completely the premise is not to restore the partition to re-write any file, that is, the best conditions for recovery after the destruction of an exact data. Re-write the file, the data has been damaged cover, the possibility of recovery is very small.

The author's proposal

To avoid this "high" error, the author of the proposal is planning to build a small disk partition dedicated to storing the page file, the size of the partition physical memory computer about 2 to 3 times, the page file on this small area on in it and it will not affect the system generated debris.

If your hard disk space is not so abundant, it is best not to shift the page file, to avoid the occurrence of the situation can not recover data.

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